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6Q Development via Kid Able Thailand

Personal competency is assessed through questionnaires that give results as a quotient. Most popular and famous quotient is the IQ or Intelligence Quotient. However focusing only on the IQ is providing an incomplete vision of the competency and capability of a person. Several other quotients have been developed later on to provide a more complete and accurate assessment of the person abilities. These quotients are the most popular and easiest to evaluate:

Q6 person capabilities
  • IQ: intelligence quotient is a level of human intelligent but may also be manifested in a person’s mastery of knowledge, reflecting the people’s powers of observation, memory, thinking ability, imagination, creativity and analyze problems and problem-solving ability.
  • EQ: emotional quotient is an indicator of how human manages their emotions and interpersonal capabilities. Human resource studies showed that maintaining interpersonal relations on the network manager give better result in company results than having an effective manager in his duty.
  • PQ: Practical quotient is a level of intelligence that is oriented to the action skill. At the difference of IQ where pure knowledge is assessed, PQ places human in complex situation and assess how he interface with his environment to solve a problem. Most used test is 2D or 3D puzzle games to assess PQ.
  • AQ: Adversity quotient refers to the ability to face adversity and stressful condition. Role play questionnaires are testing human response in various situations to assess their resilience and recovery capability.
  • MQ: Moral quotient refers to the level of person’s virtue or moral character. MQ emphasizes caring, respect, tolerance, forgiveness honesty, responsibility, peace, loyalty, courtesy and humor. This is a key ability to live in a developed society.
  • DQ: daring quotient reflects person’s courage and spirit of adventure. DQ is reflecting the capability of a person to grasp opportunity and manage not-familiar situation.

At Kid Able Thailand, our language programs develop these capabilities through a full panel of activities in effective lesson plans (IQ), socialization and group work (EQ, MQ), roleplaying (PQ, AQ) and stage show (DQ).