About KidAble

    KIDABLE Educational Bilingual Center

    Kid Able has a wide range of training programs in foreign languages for attendees from toddlers to young learners. Our different language programs (base on activity) empower your skill with adapted activities from singing and crafts to reading and advanced conversation. In addition of one language program, Kid Able proposes a bilingual program in English and Chinese for Children aged 1.5 to 12 years old and a bilingual club for children aged 4 years old and above.
  • Play Group  (1 - 4 years old)

    Play Group (1 - 4 years old)

     Socialize your little beloved toddler in new language environment. Discover the world around them and make them their first step in life with parents and care teachers.

  • Kid Group (4 - 7 years old)

    Kid Group (4 - 7 years old)

     Learn new language in fun and interactive method. Practice your new skills in different ways and in different day-to-day situations.

  • Junior Group (7 - 12 years)

    Junior Group (7 - 12 years)

     Develop languages 4 skills with our unique global method. Schedule your progress at your pace with our school management system.


Meet our Team


James Martin

Senior Supervisor

Lily Mandae


Jade Spencer


Jack Fruit

Management Staff