About Us

Kid Able Thailand is a language school for children. Students are learning English and Chinese languages with professional and experienced teachers. Kid Able language programs are built for each age of the student from toddlers to young teenagers. Our unique teaching method is based on activities and Montessori methodology . Kid Able language school is participative and centered to the student for an effective learning.

What makes us different


The Montessori Method

The development of child mind is a long building process that requires care and suitable learning environment. From the observation of child nature all along their childhood Dr. Maria MONTESSORI studied and developed methodology to achieve such mind development. To accomplish process of development she has focused on environment and freedom. Then child has to integrate model of behavior with internal aids: sensitive periods and absorbent minds. Child mind may receive external aids from teacher or tutor to develop in the proper way…

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Computerized assessment system

Kid Able Thailand is using state-of-the-art material and equipment to teach English and Chinese languages at our school. At their first step in Kid Able Thailand language school child will meet our advanced technology with our computerized assessment system. For proper class assignment the language level of the child is evaluated with our Intelli’test © system. Intelli’test © is a touchable multimedia experience with attractive graphic design and sound to capture the mind of the child on the examination program. The child will be tested for reading knowledge, conversation understanding and grammatical proficiency. Each skill is independently assessed to identify strengths and weaknesses of the child. Results are reviewed together with teacher, child and parents to determine the best language program for the future student.


Qualified personnel

Professional and highly motivated teachers contribute to the learning success of the children. Kid Able Thailand language trainers have mother-tongue proficiency in the language they teach. They are all trained by Kid Able Thailand teaching experts in how to apply Kid Able Thailand’s unique language training methods and use our specially designed material and equipment with individuals or small groups. All teachers at Kid Able Thailand are qualified and certified with a Childhood Education degree, experienced with relevant background in Kindergarten or Primary school and in-house trained to apply the educational methodology of our language school.


Hallmarks of Kid Able Thailand

To grasp the essence of Kid Able Thailand education, just step inside a classroom. Beautiful, inviting, and thoughtfully arranged, the room embodies each element of our teaching methodology and core values. Natural lighting, soft colors, and uncluttered spaces set the stage for activity that is focused and calm. Learning materials are displayed on accessible shelves, fostering independence as students go about their work. Everything is where it is supposed to be, conveying a sense of harmony and order that both comforts and inspires…

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Our mission

Kid Able Thailand has been dedicated to provide English programs of the highest quality to toddlers, children and young teenagers since 2010. By employing highly qualified and dedicated teachers and assistants and by utilizing a progressive teaching method and a comprehensive curriculum, Kid Able Thailand provides the perfect environment for rapid language learning. Kid Able Thailand offers student extensive support services to ensure that their language experience in our facilities is culturally as well as educationally enriching.

Reasons to choose Kid Able Thailand

About Our Staff

Our team

At Kid Able Thailand you will enjoy learning the language from native speakers of English and Chinese countries, all of whom are experienced teachers of English or Chinese as a Foreign Language. All Kid Able instructors hold university degrees, and many have received advanced degrees in TEFL, HSK or related fields. Strong professional skills together with warm and caring attitude set our language school apart from others. And, most importantly, the small class size at Kid Able Thailand assures you of all the expert attention and intensive class participation you need, to learn English or Chinese quickly.

Our Teachers Our Staff

Parents Testimonials

  • Parents Testimonials Khun Pum

    From Supreme Branch : Khun Pariyakorn Boonyaratawet (Khun Pum)

    Khun Pariyakorn Boonyaratawet (Khun Pum) is Prim (Sirikorn Boonyaratawet)’s mom. She works at a private company, overseeing the financial reporting and analysis. She has a daughter; her name is “Prim” (4 years old). She has taken a course for her daughter at Kid Able Suprem branch. Khun Pum said, N’Prim has studied at Kid Able since June 2014. Last 4-5 months, I went to shopping and had dinner. I saw the sign by the entrance. I was interested about the language long time ago. I bought language books for N’Prim to read and now, N’Prim studies EP program. I want her to be accustomed to speaking with an accent not embarrassed to say that I decided to look for a language school. If she is at home, she will play a tablet and watch cartoon. I want to take her time to be useful so I selected to study at Kid Able because near my home and Kid Able is cleanliness and I feel like a family, it’s not business too much. There is the purpose to improve the student so I took N’Prim to test and she enjoyed with friends and teacher and she was happy. Before studying at Kid Able, she can’t speak like a sentence but she was understand what they talked because I has practiced her since she was 6 months. I started from reading a book and dribble by bilingual. And after studying at Kid Able, I can see N’Prime has improved noticeably, she can answer me by a sentence. At the first time that I have talked with Khun Jee who is the Kid Able owner, she told me, every student is happy with studying at Kid Able and they are developing in language, 5-6 years can read English and every teacher is screening and trough teaching young children. Therefor don’t worry about teaching and English pronunciation. And now, N’Prim studies Phonics 1.

  • Parents Testimonials Tin Tin Mother

    From Fortune Town Branch : TinTin’s Parents

    How did you know KidAble?

    TinTin’s mother:
    I am planning to look for educational institution for my son that has playgroup program. I want an environment that will let him feel the pleasure of enjoyment while learning. One time, while strolling and shopping at Fortune Town, I found Kid Able and that moment, they’re just about to open so I came in and ask about the programs they offer. So far, I found the atmosphere and location very cozy as well as nice and kind teachers and staffs. These perceptions motivated me to enroll my son Nong Tin-Tin in this school and he started as playgroup student.
    Now, Tin-Tin already took up many courses in this institution such as English and Chinese conversations and now currently studying in Kid Group Phonics Level 1. As a mother, I can see and observe that he really improves a lot which also inspire her elder sister Nong InnInn to enroll English and Chinese conversation as well. In addition, it is really the warmth treatment of the teachers, staffs and the management that drives me to let my children study and continue their courses in Kid Able. Furthermore, the best part of Kid Able is, they mark every event important (e.g. Children’s day) and base it is on activities that will surely make every child feel the fun and glee through learning and activities offered.

    What have you earned in Kid Able?

    Tin-Tin and Inn Inn now both understood English and Chinese. Our expectations were highly reached by this institution as we can see the development especially through communication which made my children more confident and not afraid to speak in front of other people.

    What is your impression in Kid Able?
    Kid Able employees are very welcoming and hospitable. They will make you feel that you are really part of their family. Teachers as well are very good and professional in every aspect of child’s growth and progress in which they let parents know every after the class. They use their experiences to handle every session in joyful manner and good environment especially inside the classroom. Teachers both English and Chinese gained my trust in handling my children for they are well trained and qualified in this field.
    I and my family were so impressed with Kid Able. In just few months, my children already have the self-reliance with the lessons they have learned in this school. For my daughter InnInn, she is not afraid anymore to speak and communicate in English, and so for Tin-Tin, he can now fluently converse and express himself in Chinese while talking to his grandpa and grandma.
    For this, I would like to show my sincerest gratitude to the English and Chinese teachers of Kid Able for a job well done in taking good care of our children.

  • Parents Testimonials Tin Tin Mother

    From Fortune Town Branch : Mr. & Mrs. Aguilar

    Sawasdee krab!

    We are the Aguilar family, a Filipino family of four, happily & peacefully living in Bangkok since June 2013.

    Back in July 2015, my wife & I felt that our youngest child who recently turned 3 years old at that time, is somewhat behind with his communication skills when compared to other kids of the same age or younger. Since we are planning to enrol him in Kindergarten once he turns 4 years old, we thought that it would be good to get some outside help in developing his communication skills, at the same time prepare him for regular schooling.

    With the strong recommendation of a family friend, who happens to have 2 year old child enrolled in a Play Group class, we also enrolled our son for a 40-hours phonics program at KidAble. For the next couple of months, my wife brought our son to KidAble twice per week for his 1-hour phonics class. After the program, we can honestly say that we saw a big improvement in our son’s listening & communication skills. More than learning about the alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors — he has now become a lot more talkative & able to express himself well. We can also say that he is now prepared for Kindergarten as he is now the one asking his mom to go to school.

    Special thanks to KidAble’s teachers & staffs who are all competent, patient & nurturing for a job well done. We can definitely say that our investment at KidAble was money well spent. To continue to advance his development & preparedness for Kindergarten, we enrolled him again for the 40-hoursPhonics II program.

    If you are a parents looking for help in developing your children, we recommend for you to give KidAble a try. They will definitely deliver & not disappoint on your expectations!

    Kob Khun krab!
    Yours truly,
    Mr. & Mrs. Aguilar