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At Kid Able, each Art course is specifically designed to help you achieve your  learning goals. We use a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, based on the famous Montessori teaching method.

So Kid Able provides an extremely friendly environment for rapid improvement while increasing self-confidence, communication skills and allowing an opening on other cultures.

Play group language program

The Art and Craft activities require the exercise of several motor skills and allows the child to become more independent as they learn to do things on their own. In addition, these are fun and useful skills that they will be glad to know how to do later in their life.

The idea behind each craft is to work on developing their feelings, their thinking and their coordination skills.

Arts course is designed for supporting students’ knowledge of materials, techniques and work processes, via the designer’s knowledge of developing ideas and solving problem. The perception of art, design and architecture are along with raising the awareness of our cultural heritage in a global perspective, important aspects of the subject.

Each course is emphasizing 4 areas to develop competencies of the student:

  • Visual communication: the focus is on practical creative work
  • Design: the focus is on the connection between sketches/models and material
  • Arts: the focus is on the tradition of creative work with image and sculpture
  • Architecture: the focus is on knowledge of physical environment and development of 3D vision

Our levels

  • VAN GOGH (3+)
  • MONET (4+)
  • DA VINCI (5+)
  • PICASSO (7+)

Fact File

✓ Level requirements: no need Art knowledge background
✓ Class size: average 8 students
✓ Number of lessons per week: 1 to 3 lessons per week
✓ Lesson duration: 1-2 hours
✓ Age: 3 years minimum
✓ Course duration: 40 hours
✓ Class date: weekday and weekend

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