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    Family Name / First Name:

    Elain Meg Benjamin Ramos


    Filipino citizen


    Bachelor in Secondary Education – Major in English


    5 Years


    She studied in one of the state’s universities in the Philippines (Polytechnic University of the
    Philippines) where she completed a 4 year scholarship and graduated with a degree of
    ‘Bachelor in Secondary Education- Major in English’. She taught in private schools in the
    Philippines for 2 years as a secondary teacher. However, she decided to make the move
    overseas and challenge herself in the international education world. After arriving in Thailand,
    her first school was Panchasap Catholic School where she was one of the English teachers in
    the MEP (Mini English Program). She handled classes from the regular program also, ranging
    from kindergarten and primary to secondary. She taught a wide range of class sizes making
    her very versatile and adaptive with classes ranging from 25, and upwards to 50 students. Her
    second school was Praphamontree Affiliated School, she was one of the English teachers in the
    EP (English Program). She handled Prathom 4-6 with could have anywhere from 20 to 40 students
    in one class. She conducted summer camps and was in-charge of different school programs,
    especially indoor programs and activities. In addition, she was one of the trainers in Theater
    Arts Club in this school and also an instructor for O-NET.