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1/ Create Routines for Children and Parents.

Dr. Maria Montessori demonstrated that child development is built with several laws. One of these laws is the law of Order where it is demonstrated that child needs milestones during his days. For a smart development of the children it is important that parents create these milestones. These milestones will create routines for children and parents.

Routines are easy to create but it requires daily application to be effective and create strong milestone for the child. The easiest routine to create is eating on time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will easily structure the day pattern around 3 milestones. Parents can continue to create simple routine like brushing teeth every morning and evening, and telling bedtime stories. Weekly pattern can also be structured with weekly activities that the child likes to practice such as dancing, drawing, football playing or any other events.

At Kid Able Thailand, our language courses and lessons are structured with in-class steps to create such routines. These routines become familiar for the child, The recognition of the environment around them helps them to focus on the language learning and it lowers their stress level.