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Daycare Service at Kid Able Thailand

Daycare Service at Kid Able Thailand

Kid Able Thailand promotes participation of child, staff and parents in the teaching, learning, and socialization of toddlers. The Daycare service is designed to support, nurture and enhance all areas of children’s development. All children are regarded as individuals of equal worth and value who come to the centers at their own developmental level and who bring with them a unique mixture of family backgrounds, life experiences, learning styles and personal ways of being in the world.

Kid Able’s centers provide opportunities for children to develop:

  • A belief in themselves as capable being.
  • A sense of belongingness and importance in the world.
  • Perception of their thoughts, choices, and how it affect the circumstances of their lives.
  • Skills for handling their inner feelings, thoughts and emotions in ways that increase their enjoyment of life and contribute to their success.
  • Interpersonal skills which includes listening, communicating, cooperating, negotiating, sharing and empathizing.
  • An understanding of cause and effect, responsibility, adaptability, and flexibility.
  • Judgment skills.