A big fun day @ Language School

Dear visitors,

Today was a great day as usual at Kid Able Thailand. Let have a look to our students in English and Chinese language course at Supreme Branch and Fortune Branch. All of them have a great fun with our teachers and language facilitators.

For all classes and levels students Language schools were lively and lot of smiles was on the faces of children and parents. Children came fearless to language school, had a pleasant lesson and left with new knowledge. It was a very great day for everybody.

Children of play group (1-3 year old) developed their skills in coordination and fine motor skills for the use of pencils and drawing equipment. Under the direction of our trained facilitators, our small artists made nice graphic production. Soon Kid Able Thailand will make an in-house exhibition of their colorful works.

Children of kid group (3-6 year old) were very concentrated today on their vocabulary and speaking exercises. They continue to make a lot of progress for the joy of their parents. Very soon will come with the November contest. This year 2017 theme will be a speak-out and drama contest. Be ready for the show.

Children of junior group (6-12 year old) continued to practice and sharp their skills in speaking and writing production. Kid Able Thailand is now preparing an Oncotber camp in Singapore for the student who are willing to jump from role play game to real situation.