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The diversity of learning English is dominant in our modern time.
We are left with the question, “What is the best method to be used in teaching English to young learners?”
We, in Kid Able sees the variety of learners. And to address this, we merge Language and Literature to enhance the English skills of our students.

This video shows two students reading a poem about a typical student’s day. Some words used in this poem comprise different parts of speech.
Through this, they will learn the function of a word and appreciate the beauty of poetry at the same time.

Intonation, diction and enunciation are highly emphasized is this activity which is vital in discussing poetry.
This creates an understanding to the students the essence of poetry in ones life.

Developing the fluency of our students does not only depend on feeding them grammatical concepts but also, allowing them to see the greater benefits of knowing and understanding these grammatical concepts–and that is through literature.

As we unfold different potentials of our learners, we see to it that we introduce them to different avenues of enhancing their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills.
Providing them with exciting and creative learning tasks which will yield to positive output will motivate them to be more competitive and excel in all Four Macro skills.

Using literature in teaching grammar is a modern way to inculcate love for reading to our 21st century learners. Through this, we do not only address the Four Macro Skills but also the essential part of becoming a fluent English speaker–the vocabulary.

In conclusion, the best way to bridge the gap between the diversity of our learners and the English concepts we teach, is to utilize Language and Literature.
A fusion of two essential elements in learning English is Kid Able’s key to bringing out the best in our students.

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