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Kid Able Thailand is now proposing a new service in all of its language school: The DENVER II Developmental Screening Test.

What is DENVER II test?

The Denver Developmental Screening Test (DDST), commonly known as the Denver Scale, is a test for screening cognitive and behavioral problems in preschool children. It was developed by William K. Frankenburg and first introduced by him and Josiah.B. Dobbs in 1967.

The scale reflects what percentage of a certain age group is able to perform a certain task. Pediatrician or children specialist administers the test to note the performance of a subject against the regular age distribution.

The DENVER II (1992) is a revision and update of the Denver Developmental Screening Test, DDST (1967). Interpretation of DENVER II was slightly modified from the DDST giving greater emphasis to a comparison of the child’s performance on each item with the new norms.

Test design

The test consists of up to 125 items, divided into four parts:

  • Social/personal: aspects of socialization inside and outside the home – e.g., smiling.
  • Fine motor function: eye/hand co-ordination, and manipulation of small objects – e.g., grasping and drawing.
  • Language: production of sounds, and ability to recognize, understand and use language – e.g., ability to combine words
  • Gross motor functions: motor control, sitting, walking, jumping, and other movements

Ages covered by the tests range from 2 months to 71 months (6 years old).

What differentiates the DENVER II from other screening tests?

It enables the tester to compare a child’s development with that of over 2,000 children who were in the standardized population, like a growth curve.

It consists of items in which a sub-sample (race, less educated parents, gender and place of residence), which varied a clinically significant amount from the composite sample, are identified.

It provides a broad variety of standardized items to give a quick overview of the child’s development.

It also contains a behavior rating scale.

Application of the test

The test takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes to administer and interpret. There may be some variation in time taken, depending on both the age and co-operation of the child.

The items are recorded through direct observations of the child plus, for some points, the mother reports whether the child is capable of performing a given task.

Younger infants can sit on their mother’s lap.

Interpretation of the test

The data are presented as age norms, similar to a growth curve.

The more items a child fails to perform (passed by 90% of his/her peers), the more likely the child manifests a significant developmental deviation that warrants further evaluation.

How to get your DENVER II Child development Screening Test?

Call your nearest Kid Able Language School @ 084-751-2333 or drop an email @ Contact us and book a test with our specialized personnel. The cost of the DENVER II Child Development Screening Test is 1,500.00 THB. Hurry up to call and  book. 20 first registration will get the test for free.

Mahidol University – Department of Pediatric Nursing trained our specialiazed personnel who are conducting DENVER II Child Development Screeening Test.

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