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How important is reading readiness

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“Correct and Constant Practice makes Perfect.” This may sound like a cliché when we hear it but it serves as a framework in every goal that we want to achieve. As teachers, we always look forward to see how our learners develop into the learners that we want them to be. This will only be achieved if we introduce them to proper practice especially in honing their English Fluency.

One of the courses that we offer in Kid Able is Phonics. This course highlights the development of the child’s Phonemic Awareness, Basic Communication Capability and Writing Accuracy. Considering these aspects, we see to it that we provide activities to achieve these goals.

However, we must consider that every child is different. They have different learning styles and different phases of learning. Therefore, knowing if they are ready is very vital. To address this matter, we always consider the concept of “Reading Readiness.”

One of the most difficult tasks facing the teacher is to recognize the degree of readiness to read which the young students have attained by the time they join a certain class.

Reading readiness is the product of the whole child, not a splinter or a segment of himself. Reading is a process of perceiving symbols, of visual, oral and aural discrimination. It involves the ability to form concepts, and it certainly involves prior experience. If a child has never been introduced to a certain concept, the written or oral stimulation of the word will not evoke any mental image in the child. He will not be able to read those words, no matter how well he can pronounce or reproduce them.

This is the reason why we emphasize that “Correct and Constant Practice makes Perfect.” In every Phonics class that we have, it is very evident that we assist and guide the child to achieving reading readiness. It may be a painstaking step by step process, however, with patience and trust to our leaners, we can always achieve our end goal—and that is to hone the skills of our students.

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