Mother’s day by Kid Able Thailand

Dear Visitors;

Bringing up a child through giving birth, and helping him or her growing up into an adult is considered to be the essence of motherhood. It is a challenge in itself, as she has to go through countless hardships in the process. Mother’s Day is an occasion where the child and society remembers and acknowledges the essence and the effort that goes into giving birth and rearing a new life. This is a special day for children as well as the mothers and they get an opportunity to relish the everlasting bond of love and affection between them.

Kid Able Thailand pays tribute to the hardships and sacrifices that every mother has gone through for their beloved children.

For this month, we emphasized the implementation of the monthly theme in which every student participate in different activities such as singing, poetry reading and artwork making and give these output as a form of a present to their beloved mother.

As a English and Chinese language center that emphasizes family spirit, we see to it that children are greatly connected to their family, especially to their mothers.

It is very essential for the progress and preservation of human society that we give due respect to our mothers through fulfilling our duties towards them. Mothers give birth and rear their kids out of pure love and affection and they deserve the same from their kids as they grow older and becoming responsible human beings.

The Kid Able Thailand family has always been adept in fostering a bond between mothers and their children. Young as they are, we have to create a deep understanding to our students the value of a mother’s love.

Through the effort of the staff and teachers, the simple but meaningful activities that students perform in class will surely have a big impact in the heart of their mothers.

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