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Phonics learning @ Kid Able Thailand

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At Kid Able we offer an intensive phonics course that targets students at an early age in their learning. This gives them a head start for their academic future and gives them an advantage that will have them flying through their new language in no time.

The importance of studying phonics correctly is an absolute necessity for a child’s development in English learning. People often underestimate the value of phonetically correct pronunciation even though this can often be the difference between coherent speech and even general understanding.
Our main aim as we move through our 5-level program, is to ensure the student progresses as the syllabus continues to grow and expand with the child’s needs.




As you can see from our video, the Kid Able’s student on display has now developed a wide range of sounds and a clear connection to the letters that she sees, when she remembers the material previously taught.
When the program begins we start with the basic ‘ABC’ letters and the phonics that go with them. But, as the course progresses, blended sounds follow, and in no time the student can start to read basic four to five letter words purely by differentiating the sounds she has learned over the course.
We believe that this is the key to all reading, writing and essentially conversational skills that your child we need over the course of their pre-elementary learning experience.

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