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The difference between fluency and accuracy

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Fluency (the ability to speak and write easily in English) and accuracy (speaking and writing with correct grammar, are both necessary in mastering English.

If your students speak English with a high level of accuracy it means they speak correctly, with very few mistakes. If they speak fluently it means they speak easily, quickly and with few pauses.

As teachers, we believe that when our students are first starting to speak in English—or any foreign language for that matter—it’s important to just get them into the concept of “talking.” They have to be brave enough to say the words, learn to pronounce them and start putting them together in sentences. When our students start creating sentences, that is the time that they will learn to become more accurate naturally.

Sarah, 7 years old, is way ahead of her fluency in the use of English language. She is enrolled in Junior 3A. Young as she is, she manifested a good command of the English Language. With the use of different activities, Kid Able is addressing her accuracy with the use of English Language.

Every learner that we have in our center, just like Sarah, we see to it that we assess their fluency and accuracy in mastering the English Language. It is not enough that they can speak fluently but we go beyond it by teaching them to master both speaking and writing skills.

Combining collaborative approach between teachers and students plus guided grammar practice, we are able to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to be able to hone the language skills of our learners.

Allowing our students to see their own learning phase and trusting their capabilities, we will be able to motivate them to be more confident in using English not just for academic purposes but also for everyday communication.

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