Kid Able Thailand is language school teaching English and Chinese for children from age 1 – 12. Our teaching is performed through activity, art, music, story, show, sport and etc. English and Chinese is used to comminute between teacher and student as we understand children will enjoy learning language and naturally doing well with fun activity. Now Kid Able Thailand has 3 branches; Supreme building, Seacon Bangkae and Ratchadapisek Fortune Town. Moreover we’re also looking forward to expanding the franchise throughout Bangkok and outbound soon.

Khunkrue Jee or Mrs.Jintana Daniel graduated from Faculty of Arts, Silpakorn University. She had an opportunity to live overseas for some periods and is able to communicate in many language such as Thai, English, French and Vietnamese, etc. In the beginning of year 2010 she came back to Thailand and started a language school. At the initial stage the school provides international language course for both children and adult under the company name Perfect Education and has taught many students more and more ever since.

After that Kru Jee saw an instant increase in students who mostly are children and that naturally learning language in young age can be more achieved than in adult age. Besides it can be preparation for them to grow up in the newer and more global environment. In the future the new generation will understand language more than three lanuguage. Kru Jee, then, decided to start new language school for kids specially and gave the name “Kid Able” which means the kids who are able and created slogan “Early Learning Start Here” which means early learning of kids can be found here.

Language program is divided into 3 programs:

  1. English program: the lesson is delivered to students by proficient and professional teacher in order to promote language and cultural experience to children. They will learn a variety and perceive the colour of language that is used the most in the world.
  2. Chinese program: the lesson is delivered by Chinese native speaker from China in order for children to understand the language and be a part of the biggest community in the world.
  3. Bilingual program: the children can learn two languages from one place and enjoy the state-of-art school to gain such an experience.
3 Course Levels

Kid Able Thailand has courses to serve 3 different levels of students.

Play Group (1-3 year): This course prepares your children for bilingual environment and ability to explore new things around them. This course focuses on movement under concept “Music & Movement” or moving along the music for physical, psychological and emotional development in bilingual environment.

Kid Group (3-6 year): In this course children will learn second language with fun and have a chance to communicate with the language. They will practice the language skill in new and different ways because we focus on class enjoyment and stimulate the two-way communication between teacher and student. By following “Montessori” model we applied its core value to teaching method which prioritizes the children.

 Junior Group (6-12 year): This course will improve children’s four skills under school’s unique and standardized method. The school considers the children’s development and designs the course timetable accordingly and academically. The children will not feel bored by activity the school offers.

Kru Jee talked about Kid Able course design that “We focus on young children’s development. They have to learn what suits their age because children have different interest and development in each age. The school teaches with activity to give fun and enjoyment and the children will want to come to school. Gradually and spontaneously they acquire the true learning. The school continues the development and does it with standard. Qualified teachers and courses are the result of research and development by our academic team to improve the education. Teachers have to pass our requirement and a central test, have all qualification required and be able to teach and understand children nature.”

When being asked about franchise; why want to expand the franchise? Kru Jee told about her reason to hand on this business that fundamentally franchise is a business with good system and standard. Kid Able Thailand is a qualified education business for children and important to the country. If the children receive the right education which allows them to be able to communicate in second language as proficient as their mother language, they will become a valuable human resource who lead and develop the country in the future.

Language School Start-up

There are 2 kinds of investment to invest in this franchise business of language school.

  1. In department store: budget 1.5-2 million baht
  2. Bangkok outskirt: budget 700,000 – 1 million baht

The investment

Those who are interested to start up the language school Kid Able Thailand will invest with budget 900,000-2,500,000 baht approximately with franchise fee for 300,000 baht (Year 2558).   The investment includes the following costs.

The initial investment amount is 900,000 – 2, 500,000 baht approximately.

  1. Franchise reservation fee : 50,000 baht
  2. Franchise fee 300,000 baht (for 4 years)
  3. Cost of decoration and tools cost: 900,000 – 2,000,000 baht approximately
  4. Royalty Fee 15 % of sale volume based on fee of current curriculum.
(The cost is variable to rent and decoration)

This franchise of the language school Kid Able Thailand is suitable for those who love this business and are determined for better language development in children and following.

  • Have a sense of being a teacher and able to psychologically communicate with parents.
  • Ready to invest and have capability to manage the business independently.
  • Have good location (in school, house area or in education zone of department store or community)
  • Have vision for long-term success

The franchisee will receive the following:

Curriculum name and trademark

  • Business area which meets company policy and market demand.
  • Teaching training without limitation.
  • Pre-test examination
  • Post-test examination.
  • Textbook, documents and answer of the practice for every class level.
  • School decoration plan.
  • Coordination and support from Kid Able Thailand’s academic team.

The key success for running education business includes many factors; it starts with the location that should be in the education area. The curriculum should reach the standard and is delivered from experienced teacher. The curriculum should also suit children age.

The most important is that the owner must pay attention and have earnestness to their own business.

Kid Able Thailand also sets target for 10 more school franchises in Bangkok and 20 more in Bangkok outskirts. We have confidence that when Thailand becomes part of AEC, market demand for language will increase more intensely than the past. People will also be more aware of this incident. Especially an online communication will have effect on online, multinational business. The ability to know variety of language will become an advantage.

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