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Because Kid Able Thailand is dealing with the next generation of leaders our teachers and staff are taking care of your child from the first step in our premises until the exit of the language school and the handover to the parents.

Kid Able Thailand involves parents in the education process from the very young learners at Play Group to the eldest one at Junior Group. For each program Kid Able has tailored-made the relationship between the child, the parents and the language school:

Get Involved with Kid Able Thailand and Parents in the education process

At Play Group program child

Aged from 1 to 3 year old, is accompanied with his parents during the program. Our teacher and assistance guide the parents to build a strong relationship with their child.

At Kid Group program child

Aged from 3 to 6 year old, is accompanied with his parents during special periods such as stage show or activities outside language school (real life exercises). Parents build confidence of their child with the guidance of our teachers.

At Junior Group program child

Aged from 6 to 12 year old, assists to the feedback reporting between parents and teachers at the end of the course. During this meeting the child can interfere to express his intellectual independence