Kid Able Management team conduct a workshop meeting at Supreme Branch.

Quality Management @ Kid Able

Yesterday morning, Kid Able Management of each Branch conducted a workshop meeting together with Kid Able corporate management. The subject of the workshop was: “How to deliver a better quality of service at Kid Able Language School?”

Kid Able has the ambition to be the first private owned language school in Thailand that is both certified ISO-9000 (ISO 9000) for Quality Management System and ISO-29990 (ISO 29990) for Quality Management for Learning Service Provider.

Several themes were discussed such as improvement in reception and management of students and parents, providing a better feedback of course and lesson to parents, enhancement of external communication with customer, standardization our internal business process or processing continuous amelioration of our language programs and service delivery.

The result of this workshop is a better understanding of strengths to be promoted and weaknesses to be corrected at Kid Able. A new workshop will happen within few month to conduct a new assessment and control the improvement in our method. This  process is a key in quality management system.

The workshop lasted half a day under the guidance of a well-experienced Marketing consultant from a reputed and well-established company in Thailand. He provided impressive guidelines and tips to deliver maximum efficiency during this short workshop.

Quality Management and certification is not an achievement but a continuous process of amelioration. Kid Able is keen to deliver a high standard for service quality. This is for the benefit of your children, our students

Kid Able Management