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Family Name / First Name:

Liezel Hilot


Filipino Citizen

Graduation / School location:

Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at Gabriel Taborin College of Davao Foundation, Inc., Lasang Davao City
2-Year Computer Executive Secretarial at Gabriel Taborin College of Davao Foundation, Inc., Lasang, Davao City

Year of experience:

8 years

Brief description of background:

Liezel started working for 6 years in College as a General Clerk, secretary and encoder in Administrator, Accounting and Executive Director’s Office. When she finished her Degree Course in Education she decided to concentrate to teaching profession. Absorbed by the same College School for 6 months and a half as English Teacher she was teaching to 1st and 2nd year students.
She is living in Thailand since October, 2014 when she started as a substitute teacher in Rittiyawannalai and Sichitra for 3 months, taught Annuban and Pratum in both Normal and English Class Program. She is full time English teacher at Kid Able Thailand Fortune Branch.