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At Kid Able, each Mathematics course is specifically designed to help you achieve your  learning goals. We use a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, based on the famous Montessori teaching method.

So Kid Able provides an extremely friendly environment for rapid improvement while increasing self-confidence, communication skills and allowing an opening on other cultures.

Play group language program

The KidAble Mathematics program has been designed for students aged between 3 to 12 years old. The program is categorized into 6 levels. Each level requires at least 80 hours.

Our Mathematics course concept is based on:

  • Mental calculation method by underlining both Thai and international curriculums: this is the KidAble Mathematics integrated curriculum.
  • Games-based and interactive learning activities

The mathematics curriculum framework explores five content areas: number, geometry, measure, handling data and problem solving. This curriculum focuses on principles, patterns, systems, functions, and relationships so that learners can apply their mathematical knowledge and develop a holistic understanding of the subject.

Fact File

✓ Level requirements: Test level shall be performed before registration
✓ Class size: average 8 students
✓ Number of lessons per week: 1-3 lessons
✓ Lesson duration: 2 hours
✓ Age: 3 years minimum
✓ Course duration: 40 hours
✓ Class date: weekday or weekend

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