Kid Able Thailand is advertising franchise in the News

Early this year Kid Able launched a major advertising campaign to several directions. This new advertising campaign  is targeting franchise investors and parents. The beginning of this new campaign was at the same period for the opening of new flagship language school at Fortune town Education zone.

In one direction of the advertising campaign Kid Able promoted its innovative language programs for young children to parents. The English and Chinese language programs were reformatted to integrate latest teaching method and educational equipment for the benefit of Kid Able customers.

In a second direction of the advertising campaign Kid Able promoted its franchise system to investor in education domain. Kid Able targeted business newspapers and specialized magazines but also general information newspapers. You can find Kid Able in:

  • Hoon Inside (specialized business publication)
  • iBiz Channel (specialized business publication: ASTV)
  • CP magazine (specialized SME publication)
  • SMEs Plus (specialized SME publication)
  • Daily Bangkok (general information: Biz_news)
  • Brainy (specialized parent magazine)
  • Post Today (general information)
  • Bangkok News (general information)

Through this campaign Kid Able is targeting to continue growing its franchise network in Bangkok but also in all provinces of Thailand.

Kid Able is preparing for Cambridge English Certificate – Young learners English and Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK, 汉语水平考试) Chinese certificate.