Kid Able Classroom Design: A Safe Environment

The design and flow of the Kid Able Thailand classroom create a learning environment that accommodates choice.

Clear area for practicing group activity

Clear area for practicing either group activity or individual exercise.

There are spaces suited for group activity, and areas where a student can settle in alone. Parts of the room are open and spacious, allowing a preschooler to lay out puzzle letters and numbers for counting, or an elementary student to practice on motion pathway.

You won’t find the customary rows of school desks; children work at tables or on the floor, rolling out mats on which to work and define their work space.



Nor are you likely to find walls papered with brightly colored images of cartoons and syndicated characters. Rather, you might see posters from a local museum, or framed photographs or paintings created by the students themselves.

There are well-defined spaces for each part of the curriculum, such as Language, History, Geography and Culture. Each of these areas features shelves or display tables with a variety of inviting materials from which students can choose.

Play Group classrooms have an area devoted to peace and reflection: a quiet corner or table with well-chosen items to lead a child to meditative thought.

And always there are places to curl up with books, where a student can read or be read to.

Each classroom is uniquely suited to the needs of its students. Preschool rooms feature low chairs, and tables; a reading corner with a small comfy floor cushions; reachable shelves; and child-sized kitchen tools—elements that allow independence and help develop small motor skills. In upper-level classrooms you’re likely to see large tables for group work, whiteboards, computers and multimedia screens.

Above all, each classroom is warm, well-organized, and inviting, with couches, rugs, and flowers to help children and youth feel calm and at home.

Children concentrates on his works and using scaled down table

Child concentrates on his work and using scaled down table