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At Kid Able, each Science course is specifically designed to help you achieve your  learning goals. We use a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, based on the famous Montessori teaching method.

So Kid Able provides an extremely friendly environment for rapid improvement while increasing self-confidence, communication skills and allowing an opening on other cultures.

Play group language program

The KidAble Sciences program has been designed for students aged between 3 to 12 years old. The teaching-learning concepts are interactive, fun, perceptual, understandable in the lesson. Moreover, students will have opportunities to explore new fields and discover with experiments. Teaching methods are based on digital games, paper exercises, and real practical experiments.

The program is covering main contents of the education program for kindergarten to primary levels. The program developed for four areas of learning: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Geology.

Learning Goals:

  • Critical Thinking – Finding solutions to problems
  • Creativity – Thinking outside the box
  • Collaboration – Working with others
  • Communication – Conveying ideas

Strands and learning standards are based on the Basic Education Core Curriculum from the Ministry of Education of Thailand and the creative and innovative curriculum.

Fact File

✓ Level requirements: Test level shall be performed before registration
✓ Class size: average 8 students
✓ Number of lessons per week: 2-3
✓ Lesson duration: 2 hours
✓ Age: 3 years minimum
✓ Course duration: 40 hours
✓ Class date: weekday and weekend

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