English language training for Adult @ Kid Able – Supreme Branch

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Kid Able Thailand is famous for its English and Chinese language training for children. But Kid Able Thailand is also doing language training for adults and professionals through its affiliate Perfect Education Company at Supreme branch.

For a couple of years Singha – Boonrawd Corporation – has requested Perfect Education Company to train their staff in various languages such as English, Chinese and Vietnames. For training to adult and professional, Perfect Education Company is applying a special teaching method that is mostly based on role play and real experiences instead of classic academical teaching.

On March 1st, Teacher Tina who is graduated of american MBA conducted a role play exercise with sale department of Singha with the theme of “Nice to meet you!” With direct contact and greeting to phone first contact, there are plenty of opportunity to say “Nice to meet you!” and meet new people.

Ask yourself when was the last time you meet a new people and said “Nice to meet you!”

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Kid Able – Supreme Branch