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Staff Selection Process

Staff position at Kid Able Thailand
At Kid Able Thailand we have a large and dedicated team of administrative staff supporting our operations. These include:

  • Student Counsellors, who are usually the first point of contact between a student and the school. Head Teachers usually hold this position and he/she is assisted by teacher from the chosen program.
  • Head Teachers, an experienced, well-qualified native speaker whose responsibilities include ensuring academic standards are being maintained in his/her branch.
  • Branch Administration Managers, who oversee the general operations of an individual branch and ensure the thoroughly application of Kid Able standards,
  • Front Desk Officer, an attentive, friendly national speaker who responsibilities include welcoming student and parents at the school, guiding students to the classroom and following school fees.

Staff Profile


Chanaporn Papitak



Nantana Aruntong

Admin & Sales


Nittaya Pijadee



Naphassanan Tassanat

Co-Project (Head office)

Job Opportunities

As a growing private language school in Thailand, Kid Able Thailand is also one of your potential employers for English and Chinese language teachers. We are always seeking well-qualified, energetic teachers. As such we are able to offer employment opportunities at all times of the year, in all regions of Thailand.

If you think you have the qualities we are looking for and are interested in being part of our team, just contact us & we will reply as quickly as possible.