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Kid Able trains children and parents

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Language training continues at home

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Parents are model to children










Tips For Education

1/ Create routines

Dr. Maria Montessori demonstrated that child development is built with several laws. One of these laws is the law of Order where it is demonstrated that child needs milestones during his days. For a smart development of the children it is important…

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Tips For Parents - Key element for the development

2/ Correspondence books

Involvement of parents in the learning process of their child is critical. If parents do not support their child, they will be less motivated to show their progress at school. Involvement starts with the interest that parents are showing to the learning areas and activities of their child. Interest is strengthening …

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6Q development

3/ 6Q development

Personal competency is assessed through questionnaires that give results as a quotient. Most popular and famous quotient is the IQ for Intelligence Quotient. However focusing only on the IQ is providing an incomplete vision of the competency and capability of a person…

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4/ Child development stage

Dr. Maria Montessori observed the child’s development of mind and abilities in her “Casa dei Bambini”. From her observation she draws a matrix where she listed skills versus age of the change. This table is an abstract of the skills…

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games and concentration

5/ Games and concentration

Concentration is a key element for the development of a child and his success at school. High concentration capability allows child to stay focus on his activity regardless surrounding environment…

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Music at Home

6/ Music at home

Today’s lifestyle is stressful for child. They are continuously exposed to external aggression from their surrounding environment…

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Screen and bedtime

7/ Screen and bedtime

From childhood studies, pediatric doctors recommend not to expose child to screen (TV, computer, smartphone and tablet) for a long period. Exposure to screen and…

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